Why choose SANY

to be your value partner

Complete equipment supplier

How to scientifically configure the entire set of mining equipment and increase output?

We can customize the economical and reasonable configuration of mining equipment according to customer's working conditions and construction requirements. To provide customers with the right core equipment such as mining trucks, excavators, road machines and cranes to meet the needs of customers.

Flexible financial payment terms, do not take up funds

Limited funds, how to buy machine for producing?

SANY Finance provides the best financial solutions for all customers. We offer indiscriminate financial services to help SANY customers purchase the equipment they need and effectively protect their investment. Our financial solutions consist of financing, installment, equipment rental and internal insurance.

Comprehensive value chain service Immediate maintenance

How to ensure that the equipment is stable and running at full capacity?

We provide a variety of value services based on the actual situation of the customer's equipment to ensure the stability and attendance of the equipment. Service engineers carry out comprehensive protection with zero-distance service in the mine, maintenance service, spare parts supply, maintenance overhaul in the whole life cycle of the product. To assist customers in the management, use and maintenance of equipment, to provide customers with a full range of one-stop services.

Copper mining case - Zambia

SANY participated in a core copper mine project in Zambia. According to customer's working conditions and construction requirements

Iron ore mining case - Indonesia

The Indonesian iron ore mine is a super-large project with mining projects and industrial park construction. SANY has served this project for more than 5 years

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