SANY 'service care tour 2020' kicks off in the Philippines

07 July,2020

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SANY "service care tour" for 2020 kicked off on July 3 in the Philippines. Service staffs from ZhongWang Machineries Philippines, Inc (abbrev."ZWM Philippines"), one of SANY's key dealers along with SANY Philippines jointly launched this annual event.

Service in need is service indeed

As some countries including SANY's business partners are still troubled by the fallout of COVID-19, the timely support for friends can be more valuable than ever. Before the complete removal of shutdown in the Philippines, ZWM Philippines has already established seven service branches around the country to conduct a complete equipment inspection and maintenance for customers in the Philippines, which aims at fueling their resumption of production. 

However, this move came after mounting difficulties being solved and huge efforts made by SANY and its dealer ZWM Philippines. The transportation and communication of the Philippines have long been impeded by the island landscape and the unexpected pandemic made the situation even more challenging. Thanks to the layout of localized service teams around the country, the deployment of service resources can be conducted locally in line with the actual needs in different regions saving the time wasted on the commute, therefore the consequence caused by COVID-19 on SANY's service quality is greatly minimized. 


Crisis begets opportunities

The pandemic sweeps the world but also accelerates changes across industries that otherwise might only have occurred incrementally over many years. 

Through this event, the tie between SANY and its customers was strengthened and the connection with new potential customers was established. The whole tour is originally initiated to better serve customers but what it can achieve is more than this. For any potential SANY partners, the sold equipment is the best demonstration of quality and the follow-up service is the more convincing guarantee for them. 


Service comes first

SANY believes that the first-class service is vital to open the new market. Following this belief, an integrated network of customer service in the Philippines is first composed in response to the increasing needs. 

Now, there are a total of 1,100 units of SANY equipment in the Philippines including 600 units of excavator. As one of the four first-class dealers sponsored by SANY Heavy Machinery, ZWM spares no efforts to take root in the Philippine market with not only sales experience but also SANY's service philosophy.


SY16C-Tier 3

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY335C-Tier 4i

Operating Weight

Engine Power
190.5/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
1.5 m3

SY135C-Tier 4F(EU)

Operating Weight

Engine Power


Overall Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
1.0 m3