Chairman Xi Recommends Sany Wind Turbine to African Officials

05 December,2015

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On December 4th, the “China-Africa Equipment Manufacturing Industry Exhibition” was held in Johannesburg, this event was supported by the  Ministry of Commerce and Trade of China and Industry Ministry of South Africa. Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping and other countries’ officials who attended the “China-Africa cooperation Forum” were present in the exhibition opening ceremony. Accompanied by the president of South Africa, Chairman Xi visited the joint booth of Sany Group, CGC Overseas Construction Co., Ltd and Power Construction Corporation of China, Ltd, and recommended Sany wind turbine to African officials.  



43 Excellent Chinese companies attended the exhibition, the business of which covered electricity, railroad, railway transportation, engineering machinery, finance, aviation and some other fields. CRRC booth and Sany booth are the only two booths by which Chairman Xi and African officials stopped and watched attentively. Chairman Xi shook hands with Tang Xiuguo, the director of Sany Group, and seriously visited “the Second Period Ethiopia Adama Wind Turbine Project”. The representatives of the attended enterprises reported to Chairman Xi that, “the Second Period Ethiopia Adama Wind Turbine Project”, jointly built by Sany Group, CGC Overseas Construction Co., Ltd and Power Construction Corporation of China, Ltd, is the largest wind power farm in Ethiopia, and also the second largest wind power project in Asia. This project efficiently promotes the transfer of China’s wind power manufacturing capacity, enhances the industrialization level of renewable energy resource in Ethiopia, and lays a solid foundation for China’s products gaining recognition in Africa. During this visit,  Chairman Xi Jinping went to the sand table, pointed to the simulated operating wind power project and said to South Africa’s President Zuma and other countries’ leaders, “this is the wind turbine project we built in Ethiopia, it brings clean energy to Africa.” South 's President Kiir and other countries’ leaders showed their strong interests in our project and inquired more information about the equipments and construction.
According to the report, “the Second Period Ethiopia Adama Wind Turbine Project” contains 102 sets of wind turbine, with 1.5MW each, 153MW installed capacity in total. It satisfies 20% of the electricity demand in the capital city of Ethiopia. In May of this year, Haier Maryam, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, visited the project site and initiated the wind turbines personally. He fully admired the contributions that Sany has made to the economic social development and capacity building improvement of Ethiopia.
Now, Sany produces 40,000 sets of engineering equipment per year, 40% of which are exported abroad. Since the first equipment exported to Africa in 2002, Sany has exported more than 10,000 sets of equipment, valuing more than 10 billion amount of money. Sany has contributed to almost all the major projects in Africa. “The Second Period Ethiopia Adama Wind Turbine Project” fully shows the holistic solution capability of Sany global wind turbine, which strongly enhances the international image of Sany brand and promotes the development of new energy business.


SY500H-Tier 3

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity


Overall Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
1.0 m3

SY35U-Tier 3

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity

SY16C-Tier 4F

Operating Weight

Engine Power
14.6/2400 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity