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Li Jiping is a Sany service engineer who has been dedicated to solving technical problems for customers for 9 years since he joined the company in 2007. 

As an expert-level engineer, Li is known in the company for his excellent maintenance skills, along with his workaholic nature and readiness to solve customers' problems at any time. On one morning earlier this year in February, Li answered a call from a customer in Iraq whose excavator was not operating well during construction.


Li heeded the customer's service call and decided to set out and solve the technical problem. This, however, was not an ordinary service mission - the current political climate in Iraq is unstable and the mission was a high-risk call.

“There must be someone going to maintain the equipment. We can't leave our customer and our equipment there just because they are in Iraq,” Li said in response. He volunteered to go to Iraq as the service engineer and worked to provide timely and quality service for the Sany customer.

Though the maintenance work only required 3 days, Li stayed 10 additional days in Iraq to provide operation and maintenance training to the customer. In Li's opinion, what he did was nothing special but rather, part of his duty as a service engineer.


Like Li, Sany service engineers spare no effort to provide the best service to Sany customers worldwide, responding to service calls wherever they come from and whenever they come. This is in line with Sany's service philosophy: “All for the customer. Creating more customer value.”

Over the past years, Sany's business has significantly expanded globally. The company has established global R&D and manufacturing bases in Germany, India, Brazil and the United States, with business covering over 100 countries and regions worldwide. With service offices and parts warehouses storing more than 80,000 types of spare parts, Sany service teams are ready and able to fully meet all customers' service requirements.

The introduction of the Online-to-Offline (O2O) business model has become a new driving force in Sany's international expansion, providing customers worldwide with a convenient and efficient way to find and engage with local Sany dealers and service centers.

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