What is a crane?


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What is a crane?

A crane is a major type of construction machine that is used to move the loads horizontally. Equipped with a hoist rope, wire ropes and sheaves, it can be used to lift heavy loads or transport them to other places. The mechanical advantages created by several components on the crane can produce powerful strength.

What are the major types of the crane?

The crane contains truck crane, all-terrain crane, rough-terrain crane, tower crane and crawler crane which are used to assemble, disassemble and transport the construction materials in the industrial and civil construction, suitable for transportation, farmland, oil field and war industry projects.

What is the structure of a crane?

The structure of a crane can be mainly divided into six sections: boom system, electrical system, hydraulic system, turntable assembly, operator’s cab and chassis. The boom system mainly comprises the main boom, jib, telescopic mechanism and boom end sheave. The electrical system of superstructure primarily comprises the electrical systems of main boom, jib and turntable. The chassis comprises the body structure, transmission system, steering system, brake system, traveling system, chassis electrical system as well as the hydraulic system of undercarriages.

What are the features of SANY crane?

SANY Group provides full-series cranes with the lifting capacity extending from 20t to a load capacity of 3,600t, well-known around the world with the ultra-long, super strong and highly sensitive load lifting capacity, highly efficient and adjustable hydraulic system and Safe and reliable control unit. The hoisting machinery of Sany Group ranges categories of truck crane, all-terrain crane, rough-terrain crane, crawler crane, and tower crane, offering you the maximum job site productivity in different work environment, no matter in construction, ocean engineering, nuclear power, and wind energy field.

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Operating Weight

Engine Power

SY215C (Long Reach)

Operating Weight

Engine Power

Bucket Capacity
0.45 m3

SY135C-Tier 4F(EU)

Operating Weight

Engine Power


Operating Weight
36000 kg

Rate Power
212/2000 kW/rpm

Bucket Capacity
1.6-2.3 m3